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In 7 Reasons Puppy Play Is Great If You’re New to Kink By Alexander Cheves @BadAlexCheves November 23 2015 11:00 AM EST first points out: 

“Remember: kink and BDSM are not synonymous, though many people use them interchangeably. “Kink” a broad term for any sex practice outside vanilla, in which certain furnishings (toys, paddles, rope) and certain wear (harnesses, gas masks) are utilized sexually. BDSM is an acronym for “bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism.” Many kinksters (kinky people) enjoy BDSM, but not all of them.”

Pretties: I’ll remind you this is his definition and accepted by many but labels and how we interpret them vary based on experience and geography. I always like to remind us of that because if someone is saying something differently it doesn’t make them “wrong.” Open minds and open hearts can’t lose (Yeah, I just misquoted Friday Night Lights > I’m questioning my life choices….) But onwards!


What is pet play?
Role playing (or become) an animal. Using the Submissive’s Guide: Helping Yourself Find You written by a guest author to describe how to with help us understand more.

How does one engage in pet play?

  • Restrict movement via bondage (or paws).
  • Restrict verbal communication, perhaps to only certain words or animal sounds such as “woof!” or “mew!” or more child-like words such as “up!” or “potty!”.
  • Training exercises such as tricks for puppies, walking on leads and leashes or for ponies pulling a cart/plow.
  • Eating and drinking out of bowls without the use of hands and/or silverware.
  • Learning to use a litter box instead of a toilet, or even going outside.
  • Playing with toys, such as batting toys for kitties or tug-of-war toys for puppies.
  • Begging in the manner of the animal you identify with, such as a puppy whining.
  • Caging.
  • Not being allowed on furniture without permission.”


This month’s blog post will focus on Puppy Play. Next month I have a friend who is very much into this scene and is comfortable sharing some of his experiences with us. 

Puppy Play can be an easy first step into a power exchange dynamic.
Pup (submissive) Handler/Owner (Dom)
Puppy headspace is freeing & allows participates a break from “real life” 


What About Sex:

Sex isn’t necessary to be into puppy play. So there’s no performance anxiety. Though I hear the sex can be incredible. The submissive (pup) has been given lots of attention and just like a Dom the handler is responsible for the care of his/her pup. The pup isn’t in bondage but many activities are difficult in puppy paws and a muzzle prohibits talking, so nothing is required of them but feel. 

Being a puppy isn’t just for submissives. Doms can be pups too. They are called Alpha pups. Subs could be handlers. 

Puppy players have a strong since of community. With social media and meetups, bonds develop and furish. 


Equipment is needed:

You could have none. All you need is the puppy/Handler mindset. 

But if you want some puppies can let their personalities shine through their tails (rubber or fluffy), hoods (straight on alert ears to cute floppy ears), paws, collars, and leashes and all in a variety of colors to please any pup. 

The collaring of a pup can be as meaningful as a collaring of a sub. The Handler is agreeing to the care and protection of the pup.


Power Exchange:

Puppy Play’s power exchange might be seen as less threatening than going to a dungeon to give yourself over to a Master. 

Here you are becoming the cutest/best thing in the world a puppy, and you have a Handler, who makes sure you have fun in the ball pit, has water ready for you and you get to have pure fun. 

Puppy Play allows you to dip your toe in the power exchange dynamic in an easy going non-scary way.

Next month I’ll have a friend answer some questions on Puppy Play. 


Always seek your own truth.

I’d love to hear from you so feel free to use the contact information and touch base with me. 

Many hugs,

Z. Allora


To contact Z. Allora: 

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Hugs, Z. 


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