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Date Ideas with Kelly Jensen


Poor Henry and Marc. They haven’t had a good dating history so far. When they first get together, it’s because they’re trapped on the side of a road during a blizzard. On Christmas Eve, no less. Then, on New Year’s Eve, they get trapped in a basement. To Marc’s credit, he did pick a good date location. They should have been safe in the home of senior partner Shelly Flores. But, really, would these guys be safe anywhere?

For fun (see, this is why my characters hate me) I thought I’d check out a few recommended “first date” recommendations on the internet, and see if they’d work for Henry and Marc.

POPSUGAR has a list of 22 Kiss-Friendly New Year’s Eve Date Ideas. The second is a sunset picnic. Okay, I guess that could work if you were in the right climate for it, but Boston in December? Ugh, no. That’s just asking for disaster. Also, I couldn’t even look at the food on their pretty little blanket without thinking ALLERGIES. Going into anaphylactic shock on a date is…memorable? But not particularly kiss-friendly.

The sexy movie marathon could work…

AskMen’s Top 10: New Year’s Eve Ideas has a fun first suggestion: A quick getaway. Really? Putting Henry and Marc on any form of public transport is just asking for trouble. A quick cab ride across the city is risk enough.

Staying home for a quiet, romantic dinner sounds nice.

Bustle has 7 Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Date Night Ideas. Last minute is probably not a good idea and not really Marc’s thing, but… Okay, going to the movies could work. If no one chokes on the popcorn. But the DIY fireworks are OUT. Not giving these guys anything explosive, any time soon.

So, Astroglide (don’t laugh) has 21 Sexy Winter Date Ideas for Guys on Any Budget. I love the second suggestion, sledding in the park. It’s fun, it’s romantic, it’s different… and it’s ripe for disaster, broken limbs being the least among them. Now in any normal story, this date would happen during the day. Henry and Marc on a sled at night in a park in Boston on New Year’s Eve? I’ll just let your imagination run with that one for a little while.

Gay Life at has a nice list of Untraditional Date Ideas. First thought is that untraditional is probably not a good idea for these guys. Second thought is, maybe that’s what we need. (Also, I am very amused that these ideas are specifically for gay couples, because we all know they don’t enjoy traditional date ideas, right?) So, number two is out. No rollercoasters. Roller skating probably isn’t a good idea, either. But I’m not really coming up with any objections to bowling. Might have to think laterally for that one. Where is this bowling alley and how would they get there? Do they serve peanuts at the snack shop? Has Marc ever actually bowled before?

It’s not looking good for Henry and Marc, is it? All joking aside, though, I’d like to think the worst is behind them. Such a rocky beginning can only guarantee a smooth ascent from here on, right?

Oh, absolutely.

Thanks for following my tour! At the end of every post, I’ll be asking a question. Leave a comment with your answer (and your email address). Every comment throughout the tour counts as an entry in my giveaway. One winners will receive $15 (US or equivalent) to spend at the Dreamspinner Press store.

Question: Do you have a date idea for Henry and Marc?


Check out Counting Down today!


Counting Down by Kelly Jensen


It’s been a week since a Christmas Eve blizzard changed the course of Marcus Winnamore’s life. Plan A is now Plan B, and the first item on his new agenda is taking Henry Auttenberg on a date. They’ve been invited to a New Year’s Eve party, and Marc is counting down the hours until midnight… until he can kiss Henry in front of his colleagues and friends.

Things don’t quite work out to plan. Finding the elevator out of service, Marc and Henry check the stairs, only to choose the wrong door and become locked in the basement. Close quarters once again make for close conversation, and as they explore every avenue of escape, they also explore the deepening attraction between them. For Marc, this isn’t an experiment. Will he still feel that way when he has to admit to someone other than Henry that he’s gay?


About Kelly Jensen:

Kelly Jensen was born in Australia and raised everywhere else. Currently, she lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, and herd of four cats. After disproving the theory that water only spins counterclockwise around drains north of the equator, she turned her attention to more productive pursuits such as reading, writing, writing about reading, and writing stories of her own. She also enjoys volunteering at her local library, playing video games, and holds a brown belt in Kiryoku, a martial art combining Shotokan, Aikido, and Tang Soo Do. Her family is not intimidated by her.
Twitter: @kmkjensen


  1. Congratulations on the new release! Marc and Henry just seem to have a time of it. First it’s the blizzard and then the basement. This sounds so bad but since they get stuck together somewhere why not have them go to one of those escape room activities?
    humhumhum AT yahoo DOT com


  2. Loved the second book ❤ I am curious, what will happen next XD

    As for your question, I think they should just stay at home. Maybe have a cool candlelight dinner with takeout. What could possibly happen? Well, those two would probably end up with a SWAT team bursting through their doors, because they were mixing up the address.


  3. I think the best thing for Marc and Henry is just to stay at home. Could be the best way to avoid disaster. A candlelight dinner. Um candles, don’t know if that is a good idea. Place a bucket of water near. They can read each other some nice MM romance in bed and maybe that will bring them to other ideas.
    tankie44 at gmail dot com


  4. Oh i love HB’s idea of an Escape Room i think that is the only activity they should go on if they have an indoor date because getting locked up is mandatory LOL.
    But i think with their track record they should definitely go for an outdoor activity date maybe a picknick in the park and a drive-in movie because that way the chances of getting locked up are next to nothing 😉


  5. A minor-league sports event would be fun, especially on a theme night. Tickets are cheap, the play is often surprisingly good (since the players are trying to get called up to the majors), and there’s a certain lovable cheesiness that the more polished, expensive teams don’t have. (For instance, my team’s AHL affiliate has Chuck-A-Puck during the second intermission, where people buy orange foam pucks and throw them onto the ice in order to win a prize. I’ve stopped participating because my throwing is terrible, but I get hysterical with laughter when I watch. Also, you should SEE the jerseys they wear on various theme nights–it’s like they’re designed by people on acid.)


  6. @Dee, I’m with you on the SWAT team fantasy. I think they’d half expect it!

    @AHPB, a picnic sounds great, so long as there are no bears. 😀

    @Trix, I love minor league sports. We’re huge supporters of our local minor league hockey team. I can picture the guys at a game like that. 🙂


  7. Congrats and thanks for the post. The book sounds great. One nice date that I remember well with my now husband was going to a beautiful State Park, hiking and picnicing (and hiding the wine becuase he was afraid we’d be picked up). –
    TheWrote [at] aol [dot] com


  8. They should attempt to go ice skating on the Boston Common Frog Pond. If that doesn’t work out due to the weather, they should lose track of time in Yvonne’s.


  9. I really don’t want Henry and Marc to have another “trapped” situation for their next date!! So maybe they should just stay at home and do some cuddling *lol*. Yeah, I suck at thinking about dates *sorry Henry and Marc!*


  10. I was gonna suggest a hockey game because if they get too cold they could cuddle. Most games have the kiss cam so they could get caught kissing on camera. And who doesn’t like to watch grown men fighting on ice!


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