Interview W/ Johnny O’Donnell from The Leprechaun Next Door by Elizabeth Coldwell

Interview with Johnny


Elizabeth: Hi Johnny, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I have to say it’s the first time I’ve ever spoken to a leprechaun.

Johnny: Don’t worry. I won’t bite – not unless you try to go for my gold (laughs).

Elizabeth: I promise not to. And I’ll keep my hands off your Lucky Charms too.

Johnny: Don’t be cheeky!

Elizabeth: Sorry, but I couldn’t resist it. So tell me, how does a leprechaun like you find himself in the US?

Johnny: Ireland’s a beautiful country, but I’m from a big family and like all leprechauns, I needed a place to call my own. The Irish have been emigrating to the States for years, and so I thought it might be a good place to put down some roots. And I’m glad I did, to be sure, because otherwise I would never have met Devon.

Elizabeth: What was your reaction the first time you saw Devon?

Johnny: That he was cute, and that he needed my help. I don’t just mean carrying boxes into that apartment of his – life had been cruel to him, and there was something about him that made me feel he’d react in the right way if I told him who I really was, and offered him the wishes that could turn things around for him.

Elizabeth: You make it all sound very selfless, but from what I know, all the wishes you grant have a sting in their tail.

Johnny: Hey, I’m a leprechaun. It’s in my nature. They always say you should be careful what you wish for, and we’re the reason why. There’s some good fooling to be had if you offer wishes to people who are greedy and stupid. Not that Devon is any of those things. To be honest, he took so long to decide on his wishes I thought maybe he’d changed his mind about my offer. But even though he was cautious, he still asked for things that gave me the opportunity to make a little mischief.

Elizabeth: Do you regret anything you did in granting those wishes?

Johnny: Not at all. I simply gave Devon the kick up the backside he needed. He was wasting his life and his true talents, and I pushed him in a direction to make him see how amazing and talented he really is. He was reluctant at first, but as soon as he saw how much people like his music, that’s when everything changed. And when he’s on stage he really comes alive.

Elizabeth: You sound like you’re very smitten with him.

Johnny: Don’t tell him I said this, but Devon’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a man. He’s good for me. Leprechauns are solitary by nature, but that doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes feel the urge to get married and settle down. It’s not usual for us to find love with a human, but there’s no one I’d rather be with than Devon.

Elizabeth: You work as a bartender. What are your tips for running a successful bar?

Johnny: It’s all about the craic. You have to create an atmosphere where people feel safe letting their hair down. But you’ve also got to know when they’ve had too much. I would never serve anyone who was obviously drunk, and I don’t tolerate idiots. But I do know how to throw a good party – my Halloween nights are legendary. And don’t even start me on the fun I have on St. Patrick’s Day.

Elizabeth: Do you serve green beer for the occasion?

Johnny: No! I’m a leprechaun, not a heathen. I would never do anything to ruin good beer.

Elizabeth: What’s your favorite drink?

Johnny: I never say no to a shot of poteen. It’s an acquired taste, true, but it reminds me of the old country. And Devon likes his red wine. Since we’ve been together, he’s done a lot of cooking, and I love it when he fries up some steaks, makes a big salad, and we wash it down with a couple of glasses of a good Californian Merlot.

Elizabeth: Tell me something about Devon no one else knows.

Johnny: I’m not sure if I’m the only person who knows this, but he sings in his sleep. I’ll hear him humming, and the next morning he’ll wake up and he’ll have the idea for a song in his head. They say that’s how Paul McCartney wrote Yesterday, so if it worked for him, maybe Devon will write a chart-topper too. I know whatever he does, the two of us are going to have a very special future together.


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Happiness might be waiting at the end of the rainbow, but will it come with a price?

Devon’s down on his luck—he’s lost his job and discovered his boyfriend is cheating on him. His neighbor, Johnny, is not only cute, he also has a big secret: he’s a leprechaun with a pot of gold… and the ability to grant wishes.

Can Devon wish his way out of the hole he’s found himself in? He’d like a new job, some revenge on his lying ex, and maybe even love. Johnny can give him what he wants, but it won’t come for free… or in the ways Devon expects. Can he trust a sexy leprechaun to help him make a new start and wish himself into the arms of the man of his dreams?



Author Bio:

I am Rotherham’s foremost (okay, only) writer of quality erotica and erotic romance. Though I’m now based in London, family and football take me back North on a regular basis. Indeed, if you’re ever at a Rotherham United match (I know, what are the chances?) and you spot a small blonde with a large ‘London Millers’ flag, that’ll be me. Originally from South Yorkshire, Elizabeth Coldwell has been making up stories for as long as she can remember, only now she gets to people them with hot men. When she’s not got her nose in a book, she’s reviewing or trying to stop one or both of her cats from walking over her keyboard. She spends her time following her home town football team and baking the best brownies in East London.



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