Shifting Romance by Louise Collins

Shifting Romance

Hi everyone, I’m Louise, and currently promoting Wanting the Wolfman. I’m a lover of shifter stories, particularly ones about wolves. What’s not to love about a wolf-man? I love the protective nature of shifters, and the rawness of their transformations. I have a soft spot for any shifter romance where the wolf has his own identity, and there is conflict between the human side, and the wolf side. With two differing sets of priorities, I think there would be internal battles and there certainly is in Wanting the Wolfman. Guy and the wolf argue, particularly over the human who wanders close to their safe haven.

In the real-world shifters don’t exist, or if they do they are in a secretive club that hasn’t invited me in, which is totally unfair. Maybe one day in the future a scientific experiment will make them so. Or maybe, with a staggering amount of wishful thinking, there’s a planet full of shifter-beings out there somewhere in the universe. If so, sign me up, I would be happy to blast off to explore the shifter worlds.

Here on earth, the only wolves I’m around are the domesticated kind, soppy, and cute, with floppy ears and big round eyes.

We’ve had many different dogs, from a giant Newfoundland to the ever-popular image2Labrador, but I have a soft spot for Frankie, the golden retriever (the cute puppy in the picture). This photo was taken twelve years ago, and she’s still going strong.  She may not be able to shift into a person, but she’s loyal, friendly, and gentle. Three characteristics that would be perfect in any person let alone a wolfman.

(P.S. I promise it’s a leaf in the picture.)


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Can love be more than a memory?

Three years ago, an attack cost Joel his leg… and his memories. Though he was told a dog he’d befriended savaged him, he has one hazy recollection: the stunning silver eyes of a wolf… or maybe a man. Desperate for the truth, he struggles back into the woods where his life changed in search of his animal friend.

When he finds the wolf who has stalked his thoughts, he demands it reveal its true form, and he meets Guy, the man within the wolf. Guy is guarded, but the wolf knows Joel belongs with them, and gradually, Guy can only agree. Things fall into place, but then Joel inadvertently exposes the man and the wolf he’s coming to love. Guy and the wolf are forced to flee, but can Joel follow?

Cover designer: Alexandria Corza


Author Bio:

Louise lives in not-so-sunny London. When she’s not guzzling cups of sugary tea or braving the dreary weather, she’s usually found daydreaming stories. A lover of romance, she believes it’s better with a little angst and obstacles along the way.

She loves dogs, particularly the wolfy-looking kind, which explains her love of werewolf and shifter novels.

Author Website:



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