Poor Little Ole Deleted Scenes by J.L. Langley

Poor Little Ole Deleted Scenes


Hello everyone!  J.L. Langley here. As you probably already know my Sci-Regency series is being rereleased by Dreamspinner. YAY! It’s been a long while, and I’m so excited to see the series back out and be adding new stories to the series. I’ve been working on the new stories for a while now and inevitably during the first draft I end up with a few extra scenes that don’t make it into the last draft. Not all the deleted scenes are bad mind you; they just don’t work in the final version. Some of them are actually quite fun and I do hate to dismiss them. So, I’d like to share with you today a deleted scene from my upcoming release Diplomatic Relations to give you a bit of a sneak peek into a new story in the series and to give this poor little ole scene a purpose. Without further ado… I give you Dalton Fairfax and Rexley Townsend. Please note that this is unedited since it is a deleted scene, so all mistakes…EEK!… are mine.  Have I mentioned I do love editors? They make me look good.

“Check your pocket.”

“What?” Dalton looked down at his coat and patted the inside pocket about waist high where he kept his purse.  It was gone. “Damnation! You saw that footpad lift my purse and you let him?”

Rexley shrugged. “He needed it more than you.”

“I wouldn’t want to bet on that.” Dalton raked his hands through his hair. Part of him wanted to run after the thief, but he wasn’t quite that desperate yet.

That got Rexley’s attention. He didn’t stop walking, but he did look over at Dalton.  

Dalton sighed and explained as he absorbed the sights of the snow covered city. It was still pretty despite his mood. He decided to take it in while he could because in a couple of days it would be dirty and gray.

“Hmm…” Rexley turned his head back forward, a crease on his forehead under the hat rim. “That explains why I couldn’t access your accounts this morning.” Rexley had a knack with money and had been managing Dalton’s estate since they were little more than children.

“He took you off of my accounts?”

“He changed the passwords. What are you going to do?”

Dalton wished he knew. “I was thinking of going to Madam Roux’s and getting drunk?”

A smirk appeared on the handsome face beside him. “I fail to see how a whore will help the current situation. Unless, of course, the whore is going to pay you. And under the table, otherwise Ravensburg is liable to take that money as well.”

Groaning, Dalton shook his head. “Cousin, I have missed your dry sense of humor these past few years.”    

Rexley stepped over a short snow drift as they crossed the street but other wise never broke stride. “I was being serious. Despite the rumors, I somehow doubt you’re that good.”

Sadly, he had a point. As good as Dalton was he wasn’t professional good. And even if he were he couldn’t possibly resort to the sex trade to make money. Wait, would that be prostitution if the prostitutes were paying him? No matter, he didn’t give a damn about his parents disowning him, but the rest of his family would as well. Or probably not, but they certainly wouldn’t approve, and he wasn’t sure even the royal family could live down that scandal. Tarren would never get a consort if Dalton became a courtesan. And really, though he’d never been opposed to a little rough sex, he felt more like fighting than fucking at the moment.

“Besides, I’m betrothed I can no longer go with you to Madam Roux’s.”

“So I assumed.” And no way would Dalton seriously ask. In all honesty, he had no desire to go either. “Did you know they want me to marry and they actually have men picked out?” Dalton shuddered. “Can you imagine the type or consort they’d leg shackle me to?”

“Some one stuffy?”


Turning his head, Rexley looked at him.  “Someone responsible and a bit anal retentive?”

Dalton was sure it would be worse than that. Nodding, he made a continue motion with his hand all the while watching their surroundings. They were nearly out of the city.  Well not out of the city but to the end of it where the castle and the royal grounds sat on the edge of Pruluce.

“Someone quiet and serious?”

“Gads, yes.” The road gave way to a dirt path and the buildings disappeared. They were out in the open. Out in the wind and it was cold.

“Someone with a spotless reputation?”


“A politician, perhaps?”

Dalton gave an exaggerated shudder and wrapped his coat tighter around him. “Eeew…”

“Oh for the love of…” Rexley leveled a glare at him. “Damnit, I just described myself.”

“So you did.”

They both chuckled. 

“You don’t have to sound so horrified.” Rexley smiled.

“I meant no offense, cousin. You know I adore you.”

“That also described Blaise. You know, you could always do as Ravensburg wants and marry.” And with that parting shot, Rexley ran the last few yards to the gate.

Just the mention of the man’s name was like a punch to the gut. The idea wasn’t as abhorrent as it should be. “Don’t be preposterous. I’m not getting leg shackled.” Dalton followed with his head down and his mind whirling. By the time he caught up to Rexley the top of his head was freezing, but an idea was taking root. He had no intention of marrying, but perhaps Blaise could help him out.

“Are you coming?”

He glanced up at Rexley, who stood just inside the gate, and realized he’d stopped. “What?” Shaking his head, he resumed and caught up to his cousin.  The gate closed behind them with an ominous clang, but Dalton didn’t feel quite so desolate now. He had a plan. A plan that would not only bring him closer to Blaise, but one that would keep his parents off his back. “Let’s go get this damned tracking device out of me.”

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When Intergalactic Navy Captain Nathaniel Hawkins goes undercover to investigate the theft of an IN weapons stash, the mission raises painful memories from his past. Using a title he fled nearly two decades earlier, Nate once again becomes the Earl of Deverell, heir to the Duke of Hawthorne, in order to navigate the ins and outs of a Regency world. But planet Regelence—where young lords are supposed to remain pure until marriage—has a few surprises for Nate, not least of which is his attraction to Prince Aiden. 

A talented artist, Prince Aiden Townsend isn’t interested in politics and the machinations of society gentlemen, and he adamantly rejects the idea of marriage and a consort. Aiden wants the freedom to pursue his art and determine his own future. But the arrival of the dashing and mysterious Deverell awakens feelings of passion and longing the young prince can’t deny.

As Nate uncovers a conspiracy reaching far beyond the stolen weapons, his future is irrevocably altered by the temptations of a life he never thought he could have. Drawn into the web of intrigue, Aiden is in danger of losing his life… and his heart. 


Author Bio:

J.L. Langley said her first words at six months of age. By the time she was a year old, she was talking in complete sentences and, as most of her family and friends will tell you, she hasn’t shut up since. After becoming an accomplished motormouth, J.L. set out to master other avenues of self-expression, including art, and dance.

She attended the University of Texas, where she majored in art, and worked as a dance instructor on the side. Her love of artistic expression in dance landed her a career in which she taught and performed for over twenty-five years. After marriage to her junior high school sweetheart and the birth of their children, J.L. decided to try her hand at writing. To date, she has several successful novels and a handful of novellas to her credit.

She lives in Texas, where she was born and raised, with her real life hero, their rowdy two boys, two even rowdier German Shepherds and ten goldfish, one of which is named Jaws. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found with her nose in a book, appreciating the communication skills of other writers.

Social media links:

Website: www.jllangley.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorjllangley
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jl_langley



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