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I agreed to write a blog post for Dreamspinner Press. And then the next day in a panic, I wrote Hayley back, asking what I should write about. I know, I’m a writer, I should have plenty of ideas. Hayley suggested writing about cats, since I’m owned by three (Mason, Phoenix, and Tamazusa). But the cats decided there were enough feline high jinxes on the Internet, because the Internet is all about cats. They conferred and  forcefully suggested I write about board games. It was three against one, so I agreed. (They know where I live. You don’t mess with the cat mafia.)

I enjoy tabletop gaming a lot more than online or computer games. I spend a lot of time staring at a screen, either for writing or the day job. I also spend far too much time reading on either my phone to my iPad.  Gaming also is more of a social thing, than needing to win thing.

I spend most of my lunchtime at work playing quick two player games with a co-worker. We play card games like ‘Tides of Madness ‘ or ‘Tides of  Time’, both of which are quick fun games. ‘Tides of Time’ and ‘Tides of Madness’ are produced by the same company. Tides is a fantasy theme, while Madness is based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The artwork for both for both of them is gorgeous and they are made by the same company.  

The object of both Tides games is to build a winning hand by laying down cards and then pass your cards back and forth until all the cards are gone.  Repeat this twice, keeping one card in front of you, discarding a second one and then dealing two more cards. The play is a combination of taking what you need to win and blocking you opponent from doing the same. I prefer Madness to Time, mostly because I’m a big Lovecraft fan.

Parade is an interesting card game based on Alice in Wonderland, which you try to avoid collecting cards.  You’re dealt a hand and lay down a card, trying to avoid picking up cards of that color or the cards which are lower value of the card you just laid down.  the cards have a value of zero ten, and there are six suits. You play a card, adding to the line of cards which are down, skipping over as many cards as the number on the card. After that, you have to pick up the cards which are the same color of the one you laid down and equal or lesser value of your card. When one player collects all six of the suits, based on characters from Alice in Wonderland, the game is over.  The person with the least amount of points is the winner. The strategy for this game is to either collect the lowest or least amount of cards. If you have the most of one color card, a player can turn that color over and those cards count as one, no matter what the face value is.

I also play a lunch time a game called ‘Samurai Gardener’, where the object of the game is to gain points by matching different garden elements and make the prettiest garden, using stones, flowers, water and mats. It’s a little cutthroat, involving a lot of grabbing of cards to get the best ones you need to build the garden. You gain points with combinations of the same cards a column or a row, which don’t overlap another player’s cards.

I’ve organized my fellow gamers into doing a once a month  game night for longer games. I’m going to try and do a review of those games in future blogs. I posted to my Facebook page (Felicitas Ivey), pictures of some of the past games nights we’ve had.


Author Bio:

Felicitas is a frazzled help-desk tech at a university in Boston who wishes people wouldn’t argue with her when she’s troubleshooting what’s wrong with their computer. She lives with three cats who wish she would pay more attention to them, and not sit at a computer pounding on the keyboard. They get back at her by hogging most of the bed at night and demanding her attention during the rare times she watches TV or movies. She’s protected by her guardian stuffed Minotaur, Angenor, who was given to her by her husband, Mark. Angenor travels everywhere with her, because Felicitas’s family doesn’t think she should travel by her lonesome. They worry she gets distracted and lost too easily. Felicitas doesn’t think of it a getting lost, more like having an adventure with a frustrated GPS.
Felicitas knits and hoards yarn, firmly believing the one with the most yarn wins. She also is sitting on hordes of books, which still threaten to take over her house, even with e-books. Between writing and knitting, she brews beer, wine, mead, and flavored liqueurs. Felicitas also bakes, making cakes whenever she needs to work out an issue in her novels. Sometimes this leads to a lot of cakes. Her coworkers appreciate them, though, with the student workers buzzing about on a sugar high most of the time.
Felicitas writes urban fantasy, steampunk, and horror of a Lovecraftian nature, with monsters beyond space and time that think that humans are the tastiest things in the multiverse. Occasionally there’s a romance or two involved in her writing, with a happily-ever-after.
Facebook: Felicitas Ivey
Twitter: @felicitasivey


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